100G CWDM4 and PSM4 have arrived at the data center in large volumes. As a result, testing optical transceivers has become four times more time-consuming and complex. To streamline the process, we have developed our ML7007 software, an automated platform that orchestrates the test process. Used with our MLO4034 optical switch box, the software can fully characterize a device with no need for human intervention, and generates a detailed test report.

The technician simply connects the switch box to an oscilloscope and the appropriate BERT. At only a press of the start button, the platform runs the tests and generates a fully detailed printout of the results. Either the ML4070 BERT margin tester or the ML4054 BERT, optimized for volume testing, can be used by the solution. 400G solutions are under development.


Required software option

Return-merchandise authorization (RMA) testing