Digital sampling oscilloscopes are essential tools for evaluating the performance of transmitters using jitter and eye diagram analysis. They are sometimes applied in unison with a BERT. The BERT generates the digital test pattern, while the oscilloscope analyzes the signal after it has run through the DUT.

When specifying a scope, planning for extensibility is vital. The user’s test requirements change with the progress of the data communications market. MultiLane test equipment is designed to be robust and reliable, making it an investment to be used over the long term. Users should choose a model that is scalable and compatible with their extended product development roadmap.

For instance, the ML4015D provides 40 GHz of optical bandwidth to support 100G Lambda optical technology with 53.125 GBaud PAM4 signaling.

Key considerations include:

  • Bandwidth
  • Number of electrical channels
  • Number of optical channels
  • Maximum pattern length
  • Modulation format
  • Form factor
Part number Electrical bandwidth (GHz) Optical bandwidth (GHz) Max electrical channels Max optical channels Max pattern length Data format Other
ML4015E 32/50 25/40 1 1 PRBS16/SSPRQ PAM4/NRZ Benchtop, SM or MM
ML4025-ATE-gen2 35 NA 4 NA PRBS16/SSPRQ PAM4/NRZ Board
ML4015D 32/50 25/40 1 1 PRBS16/SSPRQ PAM4/NRZ Benchtop, SM or MM
ML4025-BTP-gen2 35 NA 4 NA PRBS16/SSPRQ PAM4/NRZ Benchtop