Optical Switch Boxes

An optical switch box is needed so that automated test platforms can permit the system to measure the performance of transmitters and receivers at multiple wavelengths or channels. The MLO4034 Optical Switch Box incorporates a WDM demultiplexer, integrated power meters, variable optical attenuators, and optical switches to form an integrated switch matrix. It enables receivers and transmitters to be tested at up to four wavelengths or channels.

Key features include:

  • FC/APC connectors for reduced return loss
  • Built-in programmable optical attenuator
  • Built-in power meter
  • Cost-effective, compact, rugged design
  • A complete set of APIs and a library of sample code to speed integration
Model Type
MLO4034-CWDM4 CWDM4 (SMF, CWDM4 wavelength grid)
MLO4034-SR4 SR4 (MMF, 4 parallel fibers)
MLO4034-LR4 LR4 (SMF, LR4 wavelength grid)
MLO4034-PSM4 PSM4 (SMF, 4 parallel fibers)