With the accelerated growth of hyperscale datacenters, Ethernet network infrastructure performance demands are increasing exponentially, and customer expectations for high-speed data throughput are at an all-time high.

Other high-speed I/O protocols such as PCIe Gen 5 and 6 are also gaining momentum. Arbitrary Waveform Generators are the ideal general-purpose development tool for validating high-speed receivers and are extremely flexible instruments for coherent module development.

Part number Max baud rate (GBd) Channels Pattern length Data format Amplitude max (mVpp diff.) Other
ML4100L-AWG 64


Up to PRBS47

User-defined/NRZ/PAM4/6/8/16 1050 60-Tap FFE. Jitter (RJ / Dual Tones SJ), Noise, ISI, and Cross-Talk emulation. AWGN generation with spectral shaping. Linearity Tolerance Testing.