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It’s really the people that make MultiLane the kind of company it is. While working together, we bring diversity of thought and experience that drives us forward. At the same time, our team members are brought closer because we all share the same vision and core values.

MultiLane has a flat organizational structure with only few management levels, so that decisions are effectively made and widely shared. Our work requires collaboration across time zones and cultures, which would not be possible without open and clear communication.

We are always looking for talented and passionate professionals, whether they are just starting out or well established in their careers. By joining us, you become a part of the MultiLane family, alongside which you are guaranteed to grow with the support of brilliant individuals. We’re a team and as a team, we’ve got you covered.

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    Top Benefits


    MuliLane’s potential is immense because our products deliver the same performance as those from the heavy hitters in the industry, yet MultiLane instruments remain significantly more affordable. This combination of attributes is responsible for robust growth over the past seven years. As MultiLane grows, so does every person on our team.

    Room for growth

    With MultiLane, you are continuously encouraged to take initiative to become a better version of your professional self. We invest in career development processes and knowledge-sharing initiatives. We conduct company-sponsored training and workshops on valuable technical and soft skills. As a member of the MultiLane team, you can also benefit from free programs offered at HTP Academy.


    We’re based in modern and spacious offices at Houmal Technology Park (HTP), equipped with laboratories and tools suitable for our high-tech company. Given that this facility is located outside of Beirut, we understand that joining us sometimes requires relocation. This is something we’re ready to support with our relocation package.

    Career Opportunities

    Optical Network Engineer

    The Optical Network Engineer is responsible for conducting comprehensive testing of optical transceivers under various temperature conditions using thermal chambers.
    His role will be instrumental in ensuring the performance, reliability, and quality of optical network products.

    1. Transceiver Testing:
    • Plan and execute comprehensive testing procedures for optical transceivers using thermal chambers, including smart optical network debugging, test facilitation, and cabling config.
    • Assess the impact of temperature variations on transceiver performance, including optical signal integrity, power consumption, and reliability.
    • Liaise with third party vendors to complete qualification rounds.

    2. Test Automation:
    • Ensure full automated testing setup and maintain lab operations.
    • Develop and implement test Python automation scripts and tools to streamline testing processes.
    • Collect and analyze test data to identify performance trends and potential issues.

    3. Testbed Debugging:
    • Independently undergo detailed debugging on networking equipment including optical transceivers, fiber patch panels, and high-end ethernet switches via Linux CLI.

    4. Inventory Documentation:
    • Maintain detailed records of test configurations, procedures, and results.
    • Keep records of incoming and outgoing inventories via Asset Management software.

    5. Equipment Maintenance:
    • Ensure the proper maintenance and calibration of thermal chambers and test equipment.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve equipment issues to minimize downtime.
    • Manage fiber network and maintain organization as needed.

    6. IT Infrastructure Management:
    • Monitor and configure internal firewall, VPN, and active directory settings for internal network security.
    • Grant and revoke VPN access to third party vendors as needed.

    Desirable Qualifications:
    1. Proficiency in programming languages (e.g., Python, C++) for test automation.
    2. Experience working with Linux or Unix-like operating systems.
    3. Understanding of signal integrity and optical communication principles.
    4. Experience working with high-speed test equipment like traffic generators and bit error rate testers.
    5. Ability to lift loads up to 50lbs (frequency of this task will be a handful of times per week).
    6. Experience in understanding and implementing complex fiber topologies and high-density fiber management experience.
    7. Experience with test and measurement equipment (e.g., traffic generators, oscilloscopes).
    8. Comfortable working in loud environments. Ear protection gear will be provided.

    Desirable Skills:
    1. Test automation scripting and programming.
    2. Data analysis and interpretation.
    3. Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.
    4. Attention to detail and precision.
    5. Strong communication and teamwork.

    Work Environment:
    Office, Lab, Comfortable working in loud environments. Ear protection gear will be provided.