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Basel, Switzerland – MultiLane is demonstrating interoperability at 106Gbps PAM4 per electrical lane with Synopsys 112G Ethernet PHY IP over long-reach (LR) insertion loss budgets at the European Conference for Optical Communications (ECOC) 2022. The demo will be hosted at the Synopsys booth [#758]

“MultiLane’s role in validating this interoperability enables manufacturers with a faster time to market, ensuring that their products can work together and helping the industry as a whole keep pace with growing demand,” said Farris Al-Horr, VP and GM of Professional Services with MultiLane. “As a leading IP supplier, Synopsys continues to demonstrate proven interoperability to enable the ecosystem to implement 800G Ethernet data rates at scale.”

The Synopsys 112G Ethernet IP is routed to a MultiLane channel board and ML4079E Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT). A cornerstone of the MultiLane Measurement Solutions lineup, the ML4079E is specifically designed to support 8x112Gbps with hardware FEC analysis. A 106Gbps signal is driven from the BERT, attenuated by the ML4067-112 – MultiLane’s state-of-the-art 802.3CK Channel Emulation Board – and replicating the high-loss paths at 112G-LR. The signal is then terminated by the Synopsys IP receiver. The resulting setup yields a BER with ample margin even at LR range.

“High-performance optical communications in advanced data centers are requiring interface networking speeds of 800G to address the growing computational workload demands,” said John Koeter, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for the Solutions Group at Synopsys. “Synopsys is demonstrating proven performance and robustness of our long-reach Ethernet 112G PHY IP using MultiLane’s test equipment, giving designers confidence in integrating the Synopsys IP into their advanced computing, storage and machine-learning SoCs.”

ECOC – one of the largest conferences in Europe – provides an excellent platform for vendors and testing companies to meet, collaborate and chart the future of the Optical HSIO industry. With many different vendors all competing to provide the best possible data center architecture, interoperability is a crucial factor to ensure a seamless end-user experience and keep pace with the ever-growing demand. MultiLane’s commitment to industry interoperability serves as a focal point of its presence at ECOC 2022, with live demonstrations at many booths throughout the exhibition hall.

About MultiLane:

MultiLane Inc. is a leading provider of High-Speed IO and Data Center Interconnect test solutions from 10G to 800G. Products include BERTs, TDR, optical and electrical oscilloscopes, optical switch boxes, and a host of MSA-compliant development tools for QSFP28, QSFP-DD, OSFP, and other standards. MultiLane products are used to test semiconductors, DACs, AOCs, active cables, optical transceivers, and system switch cards. MultiLane also offers compliance test services, signal integrity design services, and fully automated, turn-key test solutions. In addition, MultiLane develops high speed ATE modules that fit in wafer-scale automated test systems. For more information, follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook