Santa Clara, USA – February 1, 2023

The market need for high-speed networks remains insatiable as ever. As the 800G ecosystem is poised to reach full maturity, the industry’s attention turns to the first terabit generation and the advent of technologies to support 1.6T. Taking full advantage of the collaboration opportunities expositions like DesignCon provides, MultiLane (booth #749) and Yamaichi Electronics join together to test some of the very first 1.6T compliance connector and fixtures for OSFP-XD at Yamaichi’s booth (booth #738), while also demonstrating the full maturity of the 800G ecosystem.

The first setup consists of MultiLane’s 3-in-1 112Gbps/lane BERT, TDR, and DSO – the ML4035 – driving two of Yamaichi’s novel interconnect solutions for OSFP-XD, displaying BER performance with significant margin.

In the second setup, MultiLane’s ML4035’s DSO captures the PAM4 eye of a full-rate signal driven through Yamaichi’s Aero LaneTM 112Gbps/lane jumper cable and OSFP112 connector/cage.

“We are thrilled to be partnering yet again with Yamaichi to demonstrate their cutting-edge 100G-per-lane interconnect technology using our advanced products,” said Elias Khoury, Product Line Manager at MultiLane. “OSFP-XD is a key technology that will play a significant role in shaping the future of the telecommunications industry. MultiLane stands ready to help pave the way for the widespread adoption of these revolutionary interconnect solutions by the necessary tools for thorough performance and reliability testing.”

 “This would be the first OSFP-XD connector signal performance live demo in the public exhibition,” said Takeshi Nishimura, Yamaichi USA Connector business unit manager.  “OSFP-XD will start to be adopted in the multiple companies this year, and the jumper cable interconnect solution will be more popular especially at the future 224G/lane interconnect.  We are excited to show these next generation interconnect technologies together with MultiLane.”

About MultiLane

MultiLane Inc. is a leading provider of High-Speed IO and Data Center Interconnect test solutions from 10G to 800G. Products include BERTs, TDR, optical and electrical oscilloscopes, optical switch boxes, CMIS testers, and a host of MSA-compliant development tools for QSFP28, QSFP-DD, OSFP, and other standards. MultiLane solutions are used to test semiconductors, DACs, AOCs, active cables, optical transceivers, and system switch cards. MultiLane also offers compliance and interoperability test services along with highspeed design consultation and development services.

About Yamaichi

Yamaichi Electronics is a global provider of interconnect solutions for customers in the telecommunications, datacom, automotive, medical, industrial, and semiconductor test/burn-in markets. Providing stable and high-performance interconnect solutions for numerous mission-critical situations has earned the company a renowned reputation among top tier telecom and datacom customers over the last decade. Yamaichi Electronics is expanding its connector product lineup for front pluggable module form factors such as OSFP, OSFP-XD, QSFP, QSFP-DD, SFP, SFP-DD, DSFP, CFP, CFP2, CFP4, and CFP8, as well as high pin count mezzanine board connectors and jumper cable assembly for next generation 224G per lane signal transmission.