Santa Clara, USA – February 1, 2023

As the demand for higher data rates continues to rise, differential signaling has become an increasingly prevalent tool in the advancement of the electronics industry, particularly in applications such as high-speed digital interfaces and high-speed serial data links. The need for differential test probes as well as time and frequency domain measurements has risen alongside, to ensure the reliability and performance of high-speed electronic systems. To meet this demand, Multilane (Booth 749) and DVT Solutions (Booth 619) have collaborated at DesignCon 2023 to showcase a complete TDR & S-parameter test solution capable of characterizing differential transmission lines.

The demo is supported by MultiLane’s ever-versatile 3-in-1 ML4035 which combines a 4x100G BERT, an electrical DSO, and TDR/S-parameter tester all in one box. The setup with DVT Solutions’ true-differential DVT40 Gigaprobes creates a holistic solution with all the necessary functionality to characterize PCB traces in both time & frequency domains and locate discontinuities that are 1.5 mm apart.

“In an industry which necessitates hyper-specialization across a number of fields, we at MultiLane pride ourselves on the diversity and interoperability of our solutions,” said Elias Khoury, Product Line Manager at MultiLane. “Working with DVT Solutions, we can combine our expertise to provide holistic solutions to help enable the accelerated adoption of technologies to meet market demand.”

Brian Shumaker, President of DVT Solutions, states “With nearly 20 years’ experience in inventing, manufacturing and delivering true differential probing solutions, we are optimally positioned to partner with companies like MultiLane to offer an integrated testing environment supporting VNA, TDR and multi-component testing solutions such as MultiLane’s 3-in-1 ML4035.”

About MultiLane:

MultiLane Inc. is a leading provider of High-Speed IO and Data Center Interconnect test solutions from 10G to 800G. Products include BERTs, TDR, optical and electrical oscilloscopes, optical switch boxes, CMIS testers, and a host of MSA-compliant development tools for QSFP28, QSFP-DD, OSFP, and other standards. MultiLane solutions are used to test semiconductors, DACs, AOCs, active cables, optical transceivers, and system switch cards. MultiLane also offers compliance and interoperability test services along with highspeed design consultation and development services.

About DVT Solutions:

DVT Solutions LLC is the sole provider of GigaProbes true differential probing solutions, delivering complete, compact and scalable Horizontal and Vertical probing solutions with probe kits, components and supporting accessories for testing various sizes and configurations of PCBs with bandwidths from 20 to 70 GHz