Astera Labs collaborate with MultiLane to validate their pioneering Taurus Smart Cable Modules with the ML4054B/ML4079E & ML4066 CMIS analyzer kit.

MultiLane announced that Astera Labs, a pioneer in purpose-built connectivity solutions for intelligent systems, utilized the MultiLane ML4054B/ML4079E BERTs in conjunction with the ML4066 CMIS analyzer kit to test and validate its new Taurus Smart Cable Modules™ (Taurus SCM™).

“At Astera Labs, our goal is to offer customers cutting-edge connectivity solutions that are of the highest quality, assuring their performance, consistency, and dependability throughout product development,” said Pulkit Khandelwal, Associate VP of Systems and Validation at Astera Labs. “We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with reliable solutions and MultiLane was an important partner to ensure our new Taurus Smart Cable Modules delivered on this promise. Using MultiLane’s solutions, we were not only able to test the high speed IOs, but also the CMIS management interface which is critical for interoperability between host and cable module.”

“Supporting emerging technologies at the very early stages is an integral part of MultiLane’s mission,” said Kees Propstra GM of Measurement Solutions at MultiLane. “We thrive on these symbiotic relationships with our customers, where we get hands-on experience with the latest advances in technology, and then implement the lessons we learn to provide early adopters with tailored solutions for their market introductions.”

Taurus SCMs overcome reach, signal integrity, and bandwidth utilization issues for 100G/Lane Ethernet connectivity in Switch-to-Switch and Switch-to-Server applications. The Taurus SCM portfolio enables a cost-effective, active solution for 200/400/800GbE rack connectivity with advanced fleet management and deep diagnostic capabilities, 50% lower power, <100 ns latency, and 3-meter reach over thin copper gauge cables. Taurus SCM facilitates a flexible supply chain of Smart Electrical Cables by qualifying with leading cable vendors to support Taurus capabilities in QSFP-DD and OSFP backshells. For more information, visit