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As data transmissions speeds increase to 100G per electrical lane and beyond, signal integrity (SI) is an increasingly important aspect of successful system design. Connector vendors, semiconductor companies, original design manufacturers (ODMs), and hyperscalers all require sufficient command of SI disciplines to deliver their products to a rapidly evolving market in a timely manner.

SI expertise remains a scarce resource in the data center interconnect (DCI) industry. MultiLane’s comprehensive family of high-speed products require diligent design to deliver a frequency performance profile in accordance with MSA compliance masks and end customer requirements. The company therefore holds a unique position in the industry, prioritizing SI expertise as a core competency.

After tripling the size of its SI team in a calendar year, MultiLane is announcing a service offering consisting of SI design and optimization consultation. The new SI Business Unit (SIBU) enables industry partners to achieve optimal performance out of their complex layouts.

SI Design