In an everchanging industry, new form factors are launched to support higher speeds like 800G and later, 1.6T. With the speed per lane increasing exponentially, the need for thermal and cooling tests also rises with new requirements and demands.

MultiLane is offering a OSFP-XD thermal load with a controller board, with the goal of emulating transceiver thermal behavior, but also to test cooling systems.

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Programmable power dissipation up to 45W, 7 temperature sensors, powered from pin header.

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OSFP-XD controller board for the ML4064-XD-TL. Supports 4 modules simultaneously, and 45 W per port. Gives access to the controller GUI.

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The OSFP-XD Module Compliance Board (MCB) is compliant with both CEI-56G-VSR-NRZ and IEEE 802.3ck, with a comprehensive CMIS GUI allowing users to access full CMIS implementation in modules, an I2C master driven from both on board microcontroller and/or external pin headers, and on-board LEDs and buttons/jumpers for MSA output alarm states and input signals respectively.