ML4062-SLB 2.0 (45)


Due to the ever-increasing bandwidth demand of hyperscale data centers, the transition to 400G Ethernet is now in full swing and the industry is already planning for the next phase of 800G. QSFP-DD800 is one of the leading multi-source agreements to drive the development of 800G interconnectivity and MultiLane provides a QSFP-DD800 development kit that includes a module compliance board, host compliance board and loopback module.

The ML4062-LB2b-112 provides a straightforward method to test QSFP-DD800 ports at every level of the switch production process. The electrical loopback (ELB) acts as a fully featured QSFPDD800 transceiver and is used for testing QSFP-DD800 transceiver switch ports during physical layer tests and system bring-up. Ideal for R&D validation, production testing, and field testing, the ML4062-LB2b-112 follows the CMIS Rev 4.0 standard and is packaged in standard MSA
housing compatible with all QSFP-DD power classes.