ML4054B With adapter2


The ML4054E is an 800G BERT designed for applications up to 8x61Gbaud with a replaceable built-in MSA-compliant MCB for OSFP and QSFP-DD. Created to address the specific challenges of 8x61Gbaud, the ML4054E features Real-Hardware FEC testing, along with jitter and noise injection capabilities above IEEE 802.3ck requirements. Tailored to pluggable testing for transceivers and Active Electrical and Active Copper Cables (AECs, and ACCs), the ML4054E MCB can be enhanced with thermal test capabilities to validate pluggable performance in a variety of environments.


The ML4054E also comes in a variant form, the ML4054E-Lite. With support for 25.78125 26.5625 and 53.125G, no stress testing capabilities, and optional FEC, the ML4054E-Lite is ideal for rapid production and volume testing, once initial designs have been verified and finalized.