ML4039D (f)


The ML4039D is a fully featured 200G BERT that can be configured as a 4-channel PAM4 28 GBaud or 4-channel NRZ 28 Gbps lanes.

The receivers support FEC decoding (KS4, KR4 and KP4) and will return the post-FEC BER per channel as well as MSB and LSB BERs within the stream. The receivers also show the eye’s Histogram and the channel’s SNR over time.

The transmitters Support all standard test patterns mandated by IEEE and OIF such as PRBS13Q, SSPRQ and PRBS31Q.
The user may also program the TX to output a user-defined pattern up to 32 kb long.

The transmit power is adequate for testing up to 10 Km SMF links.