ML4030-ACO (45)


CFP2-ACO Passive Loopback Module ML4030-ACO-CAL provides an efficient and easy method for characterizing and testing 4x32G CFP2 ports.

The ML4030-ACO-CAL is packaged in a MSA compliant shell housing that offers excellent heat dissipation. It can be programmed to different power levels via an MDIO interface; thus, emulating all CFP2-ACO power classes.

4 variants are available:

ML4030-ACO-CAL1: TX and RX lanes matched to 1.2ps.

ML4030-ACO-CAL2: crossed lanes YQ and YI, as well as XQ and XI.

ML4030-ACO-CAL3: crossed lanes YI and XQ.

ML4030-ACO-CAL4: crossed lanes YQ and XQ.