ML1016D-CR (f)


The ML1016D-CR is a 53.125 GBd PAM4 Optical Clock Recovery Modules ideally suited for 100G Lambda MSA optical measurements. The recovered clock can trigger the ML4015D Optical Scope to perform 53.125 GBd PAM4 optical measurements such as TDECQ, OMA, and ER. ML1016D-CR supports a variety of standards such as 400GBASE-DR4/FR4/LR4, and 100GBASE-DR/FR/LR. In addition, the ML1016D-CR supports clock recovery of other key standards such as 100GBASE-LR4, PSM4, CWDM4, and SR4. Also standards with 26.56 GBd PAM4 signaling format are supported.