San Diego, USA – March 7, 2023

MultiLane Inc. offers the industry the assurance of seamless host/module interoperability between a wide range of interconnects, with its newly unveiled 800G Nexus Analyzer.

The increasing complexity of SerDes architecture mandates an equally complex standard to ensure link reliability. CMIS compliance offers a unified means of delivering firmware interoperability at 800G. Industry adopters are compelled to invest significant engineering resources to reach full CMIS compliance with a variety of network partners. The MultiLane Nexus Analyzer provides a suite of  powerful debugging tools that promises to streamline CMIS interoperability testing.

The Nexus Analyzer capabilities take some of the most time-consuming parts of CMIS/SFF validation and display them in one easy-to-read GUI, including: state machine and data path state machine testing, in-rush current measurements from the host side, I2C R/W commands and packet analysis in target, initiator, and bypass modes, and a CMIS/SFF register sweep that provides a page by page register validation.

“MultiLane’s active contributions to the growing CMIS specification allows us to provide a solution that address the specific needs that working in this field entails,” said Rachad Samaha, General Manager of the Data Center Test Solutions Unit at MultiLane. “The Nexus Analyzer’s many capabilities allow for a significant reduction in the engineering hours that are typical of interoperability testing.”

The Nexus Analyzer will be on full display at the MultiLane OFC 2023 booth 5809 for the duration of the conference.