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Solution Description
The purpose of Multilane AOC production tester is to provide a parallel-channeled, fast and time efficient solution for rapid AOC
testing during production phase, thus enabling fast testing and characterization of High Speed Active Optical Cables. This solution
will guarantee accurate and reliable results that serve to characterize the High Speed Performance of the AOC assemblies.
The Multilane AOC Production testing solution includes two units each of the ML4016-02, ML4025 and ML4021. These instruments
are controlled from a single API Library containing a wide set of functions that executes an efficient implementation of an AOC
testing solution.
ML4016-02: used as a PPG (Programmable Pattern Generator) with output signals up to 16Gbps; also for BER and J2/J9
ML4025: DSO(Digital Sampling Oscilloscope) for Eye and Jitter Measurements
ML4021: Multilane QSFP+ Host with extended support for AOC Testing, enabling four corner testing with automatic VCC
switching between 3.15,3.3 and 3.45 V
Multilane's AOC Consolidated API Library allows easy communication with all the above Hardware in order to provide an efficient
and automated AOC testing solution which supports the following:
Voltage, Current and Power consumption measurements against limits
Temperature Measurements
Bulk EEPROM programming for QSFP modules through ML4021 MSA compliant I2C Master
PPG output signal according to 40G Ethernet AOC electrical specs
Eye Diagram and Jitter Measurements
BER and J2/J9 Measurements
Four corner testing without the need for manual user intervention
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Calibration Required
Yearly calibration is required.
Signal Integrity Instruments
Standalone Bench-Top Instruments
1-Lane Bit Error Rate Testers (in rugged aluminium housing)
1-Lane Sampling Scops (in rugged aluminium housing)
cPCI Chassis Based Instruments
4-Lane Digital Sampling Scopes
4-Lane Bit Error Rate Testers
ATE Instruments
15G Active Optical Cable Testing Solution
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4 channels 16Gbps BERT without Pre-Emphasis, one clock output, Retimed IO, and Synthesizer input
4 Channel 25G Digital sampling Oscilloscope
1 Channel 25G Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
QSFP Passive Host fixture
MultiLane Chassis, 6U cPCI, PSB
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